Strategic Consultancy

ON-AIR Consulting & Solutions is the outcome of 40 years of experience in the field of high technology, with special reference to sectors linked to Aerospace and Defence.  The basic idea behind its inception was the fact that all too often SMEs demonstrate strong potential, but have few tools to interface with Official Agencies and Institutions.
So ON-AIR focuses on offering strategic consultancy to SMEs, in order to identify the most appropriate fields of action, exploit new opportunities, improve existing operations and develop strategies and processes meeting the requirements and aspirations of each single enterprise.
Thanks to a wide range of contacts in the high technology field, ON-AIR Consulting & Solutions is able to guarantee collaboration with SMEs’ top management for the construction of new strategies and programmes based on innovation, networking, and the competitive nature and profitability of products and services.


Marco Airaghi and Enrico Saggese have spent many years of their professional lives managing with undisputed success both industrial and institutional activities.
Strong in their experience and know-how, they eventually decided to place their skills and knowledge at the service of the most talented enterprises, convinced that any enterprise boasting dynamism can find its very own niche in this multi-faceted and complex production environment.

Marco Airaghi

Marco Airaghi, CEO
Marco Airaghi, CEO


After award of a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic, he began his career in a study and research centre in the Province.
In over twenty years of professional activity, he followed a slow but steady climb in the industrial sector which was to culminate in 2008 in the Directorate General of the Defence Industries Agency.
At the same time, his passion for politics was to guide him in the direction of increasingly ambitious goals, and led him in 2001 to become a member of the Italian Parliament. Marco Airaghi was to hold his seat in various legislatures until 2012. And, in the same period, he also became a member of Permanent Commissions X and XIV as well as the Oversight Committee for Scientific and Technological Evaluation.
Degree in Mechanical Engineering, with specialisation in General Mechanical Engineering, awarded at the Milan Polytechnic.
1980-1984 Study & Research Centre Franco Tosi SpA of Legnano (MI)
1984-1990 Responsible for installations, Astra SpA of Gerenzano (VA)
1990-1991 Responsible for maintenance, Tintoria Zerbi SpA of Lonate Ceppino (VA)
1991-2001 Factory Manager and responsible for exports, Albertini Cesare SpA of Turate (CO)
2009-2014 Member of the BoD (Deputy Chairman for the first three years) of the Italian Space Association (ASI)
2012-2014 President of ASITEL SpA (an ASI Company)
2001-2006 Member of the BoD and Member of the Executive Committee of the E.A. Foundation Milan International Trade Fair
2001-2008 Member of Parliament in the XIV and XV legislatures
2008-2014 Director General, Defence Industries Agency (AID – DIA), Ministry of Defence
2008-2014 Adviser to the Ministry of Defence for Aerospace Activities
February-April 2012 Member of Parliament in the XVI legislature, member of permanent commissions X and XIV, and of the VAST Committee (Scientific and Technological Evaluation)
Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
Commander of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Enrico Saggese

Enrico Saggese, Partner
Enrico Saggese, Partner


After taking a degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome, Enrico Saggese was immediately authorised to practice his chosen profession with maximum marks and admitted to the professional register of the Engineers of the Province of Rome. To enrich his academic preparation he decided to participate in a post graduate course in Telephony and Data Transmission held by the Turin Polytechnic, where once again he passed with maximum marks.
In 1973 he joined Montedison Elettronica S.p.A., and one year later re-located to Telecom Italia Spa. In 1976 he became responsible for satellite telecommunications missions such as Sirio and Italsat in Telespazio S.p.A. Thus began a period of professional growth which was to culminate in the role of Division Manager for the VSAT networks.
In 1989 he created Space Engineering S.p.A., of which he is also Managing Director, and some years later in 1999 he became CEO of TeS S.r.l.(Teleinformatics & Systems).
Both were to become cutting edge companies in the sector of the project design of satellite components and systems.
In 2002, Telespazio S.p.A. once again called upon his services to re-launch the company’s image and re-organise its economic structure. His figure became so vital as to bring him, barely three years later, to take on the role of Senior Vice President of FINMECCANICA, responsible for the Co-ordination of Space Activities.
These duties occupied him until 2008, when he entered the Italian Space Agency, initially as Extraordinary Commissioner and one year later as President.
In 2009 he became President of the Board of CIRA, the Italian Centre for Aerospace Research, a post which he occupied until 2014.
His professional skills and know-how led him in the years from 2002 to 2008, to occupy other significant management roles in AVIO, ELSACOMM N.V., the Foundation Ugo Bordoni of Rome, , GAF GMBH, ESOA. At institutional level he became a member of the Higher Council of Communications of the Technical Council of Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).
Enrico Saggese has produced a number of technical and scientific works.
He began as collaborating author in drawing up the manual Satellite Communication Systems Design published by the Plenum Publishing Corporation of New York, then he composed no less than 60 technical articles published in the proceedings of various meetings or in specialized reviews.
In the field of journalism he became member of editorial board of “International Journal of Satellite Communication” and “Space Magazine”.
Recognition at International level is shown by his participation in prestigious International Societies: member of IAA ( the International Academy of Astronautics), President from 2011 of the CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites), coordinator and moderator of important international conferences, including ESA 2012 and, in collaboration with AIF (the International Astronautical Federation), IAC 2012.